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Robert Fairall
22 December 2014 | Robert Fairall

Winery Report

Having managed a bottling of 2014 whites in May, before month end we will be bottling a number of styles for release in the New Year (2015).  These include;

2013 Lagrein … after a couple of year’s gap, this beautiful red wine grape has produced what we think is a very smart dunkelt (dark, even big) wine, with those customary blackberry plum aromas and spicy dark fruit flavours.

2013 Nebbiolo … easily the best since 2008 – not surprising, given the long, dry autumn of 2013.  All the elements are there …. autumn undergrowth, violets, wood smoke etc.

2013 Chardonnay … partly out of frustration with those mean, sunshineless styles we are seeing (and how can a Chardonnay ever be styled without oak?), partly because we found some really good (but very ripe) fruit in a season when there wasn’t much else available, partly because of di Lusso’s growing Burgundy ‘connection’ (see below), this is our first.  David Kyngdon has made a wine that is full of almond and hazelnut aromas, pursued by a palate that is full-bodied, covered in dried tropical fruits, and includes just a hint of butter. It’s not a Burgundy, but is at least generous! Great with rainbow trout with almonds.

2014 Adagio … with the dearth of Italian variety fruit available, this release is a blend of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.  A light-hearted ‘Chalkboard) wine full of peach, pear and tropical fruitiness. A summer aperitif, even?


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