A Vintage Report

As I write this short report, it is early January, and everything on the farm – the green things at least – are growing at the rate of knots!

In the vineyard, our red varieties are gaining a pinkish colour – early signs of veraison – and the white varietal berries are just starting to yellow a bit. Every day we pass through a section, stripping away unwanted shoots from trunks and canes, and where grape bunches have formed tight ‘soccer balls’ we are gently taking excess fruit off. The next big job – and gauging by the sudden increase in bird numbers – we’ll need to start the exhausting (but necessary) job of netting the vineyard.

When I enter the fig enclosure now, I get that unmistakable smell of green figs that tell me we’re only a month away from the first wave of the 2015 crop coming through. At this stage, it will be a big one. Little figs everywhere, no disease, no insects (we don’t spray at all now). Nice!

The optimism I wrote about our olive 2015 crop was somewhat premature. A week of searing temperatures and strong winds literally burnt most of our flowers – leaving a reasonable but not outstanding crop in prospect.

In summary…so far still so good for vintage 2015.

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A Winery Report

Having managed a bottling of 2014 whites in May, before month end we will be bottling a number of styles for release in the New Year. These include;

2013 Lagrein…after a couple of year’s gap, this beautiful red wine grape has produced what we think is a very smart dunkelt (dark, even big) wine, with those customary blackberry plum aromas and spicy dark fruit flavours.

2013 Nebbiolo…easily the best since 2008 – not surprising, given the long, dry autumn of 2013. All the elements are there....autumn undergrowth, violets, wood smoke etc.

2013 Chardonnay…partly out of frustration with those mean, sunshineless styles we are seeing (and how can a Chardonnay ever be styled without oak?), partly because we found some really good (but very ripe) fruit in a season when there wasn’t much else available, partly because of di Lusso’s growing Burgundy ‘connection’ (see below), this is our first. David Kyngdon has made a wine that is full of almond and hazelnut aromas, pursued by a palate that is full-bodied, covered in dried tropical fruits, and includes just a hint of butter. It’s not a Burgundy, but is at least generous! Great with rainbow trout with almonds.

2014 Adagio…with the dearth of Italian variety fruit available, this release is a blend of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. A light-hearted ‘Chalkboard) wine full of peach, pear and tropical fruitiness. A summer aperitif, even?

On the horizon – before Christmas – will be a bottling of our 2014 Vino Rosato – to be released in the New Year.

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di Lusso wine

At di Lusso Estate vineyards, we specialize in Italian varieties and blends. We grow eight varieties of grapes;
Dry white varieties, Arneis and Vermentino.
Dry red varieties Sangiovese, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Lagrein.

At any one time, we might have seventeen wine styles on offer. White wines Pinot Grigio and Vermentino (two styles each), a varietal Arneis, two white blends Adagio and Allegro, and a sparkling Vivo!

We usually have two rosé styles in our range (both ‘dry’ but with a small amount of residual sugar)

Our red wine range includes Sangiovese, Lagrein and Barbera (sometimes two styles of each), a premium red blend (‘il Palio’) and a ‘ verandah’ Rosso version

Dessert wine varieties are Aleatico and Picolit (and we use Vermentino as a source grape for our sweet Appassimento style wine).

di Lusso food

Restaurant: open Friday to Sunday 12pm-2.30pm for a la carte and pizza menu. Other weekdays our Chef's Special, Antipasto & Cheese Platters (and in winter, soup and pasta) Please note: Cucina di Lusso is a Trattoria-style restaurant intended to allow potential wine buyers the opportunity to taste our Italian varietal wines in their very best environment – in the company of food!

Ours is a very busy cellar door, with wine sales our main activity, and our small kitchen and pizza oven are just not suited to large groups wanting fast service during weekends. There are necessary constraints on the number or pizzas per table, and if we can accommodate a large booking the a la carte menu is not always available. We like to think that our offering, whilst simple, uses the best produce – local where possible – and is well cooked.

Welcome to our Summer Menu. It's intended – in both the pizza and a la carte versions – to be a blend of some traditional Italian favourites and a few dishes we haven't offered before. We invite you all to come out, taste some, and give us your thoughts!

di Lusso weddings

We are pleased to present our new Wedding e-brochure – with all the information you need to plan a beautiful wedding at di Lusso Estate. Imagine your special wedding day in our vineyard setting with the gorgeous lake as a backdrop! Click here to go to our Wedding page.


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di Lusso weddings

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