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Wedding packages

Download a copy of our full guide to having your wedding at di Lusso Estate!

Wedding Guide

We have been hosting weddings at di Lusso Estate for nearly twenty years. Although our ‘traditional’ style of cuisine has been Italian ‘alto borghese’ – the food of the upper middle class, we have successfully delivered modern Australian, vegetarian, food station, buffet and cocktail party formats.

We will spend time with you to ensure that you can have what you want, rather than squeeze you into a plan that suits us. For example, our package includes some free Peroni beer. You can supplement this with beer of your choice, which we will store in our cool room and serve on the night. As a producer of wines specifically dedicated to match good food, we don’t have to resort to inferior bought-in wines to preserve our margins. The wines that you choose will be delivered in effect at wholesale prices. And all our wines are available; mostly within the package you select.

Use the table below as a guide for budgeting your wedding. Of course, depending on your desired wedding arrangements, there may be ‘discoveries’ that will need to be added to the mix which could impact the final cost. We are here to support you so our experienced team will get involved as much or as little as you want.

Our payment plan will hep you to budget for the big day.

Throughout the period from decision to execution, we will update our joint plan with you. Nothing will be forgotten, and the night will flow just as you have dreamt it would!



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